One particular of the most hilarious traditions of your 21st birthday party is usually a 21st birthday shot book. A shot book is a scrap book which in theory has 21 pages, 1 for each and every shot taken the night of the man or women's 21st birthday. Shot books are made for most of the time by and for girls almost exclusively and are usually read even after many years, it is just a fantastic way to remember your 21st birthday! So what do you write in the 21st birthday shot book?

Each page contains: the name of the shot, exactly who bought the shot, the location where the shot was taken, the birthday man or woman's signature, in what time the shot was taken, an image of the birthday person with the shot buyer, an image of the shot buyer drinking. To help enhance the shot book you can add humorous pictures from the party and also crazy quotes that's written by the party guests. Normally the 1st page stays blank and preserved for the birthday girl, you may put there one of her pictures from the party, or simply leave it empty so she'll be able to add her preferred photo.

• Concept -
An awesome theme for your shot book can change the shot book from the ordinary shot book to the perfect. There are many shot books themes, here are a couple of them: Drinks, Beach, Fruits, Zoo, candies, clothes and much more.

• Images -
Include as many photos as you can, of the birthday girl, her good friends, the shots, the bar, the club. You may print further pics from the computer, photos which aren't related to alcohol, but ones that you think may add beauty to the book.

• Design -
If you'd like the shot book to look special, you've got to make a creative design, Find the paper colors wisely and add paper scarps or even shapes like stars and hearts. You may even add pink fur around the cover of the book, by doing this the shot book will likely be pleasant for touching.

• Wording -
Add private jokes, funny quotes, unique nicknames in addition to everything that can come to your head that you simply think can certainly make the shot book even better. Write with various writing implements, like, pen, pencil, marker, paintbrush or you can cut letters from the paper and then stick all of them together, other alternative way is to write the words in the home computer in any unique way using special design program and after that printing it and sticking it to the shot book.

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