21st birthday sometimes is capable of turning from your happy birthday in to a bad dream if you do not know how to celebrate properly. It is often caused by drinking too much, drinking while under medical drugs while the most serious thing, drunk driving. Here are some tips to assist you to pass your 21st birthday party without having troubles.

Don’t drink very much.
Yeah, I know it's your 21st birthday and you wish to have fun and also symbol the time with all of your friends and family, but 21 drinks? 21 drinks are far above the cap that certain man or women can drink with out causing himself serious damage. It will make you throw-up (a few times), head ace, may cause you over dose as well as death. Do other things, 21 pushups, 21 hoops, 21 kisses or 21 numbers... To drink 21 drinks is simply not called braveness, it's called stupidity.

Alternate drinks
In the party, you should not drink just alcoholic drinks. Switch between alcoholic ones to non- alcoholic ones around the club and also at the pub. Drinking a large amount of alcohol without combining it along with regular non alcoholic beverages will get you dehydrated very quickly, and might cause your entire body many critical problems.

Don't take drinks from total strangers.
The actual main cause of rapes is caused by rape drugs that have been put inside women's drinks while they didn't look. Don't take drinks from people you do not know. If you happen to already have a drink do not leave it at the club and then go back and drink it, another person could have put something in it, either carry the drink together with you or order another one.

Close friends
Take the time and think which people you might be going to invite and which of these folks seem to be called your "true friends", if they're really your true friends they'll get drunk a lot more than you're able to imagine. Be sure to invite at least 1 responsible friend that will keep you safe from losing control, vomiting around the place, going to jail or possibly in worst situation call up an ambulance.

Medical problems
In case you are under influence of medical pills, make sure to ask your pharmacist if you're able to drink, most of the times you're not allowed. Don't risk your self and drink; you can find way better ways to celebrate your birthday.

Get home safe
It won't really make a difference if you believe you're sober, or else you think that at the party you are not gonna get drunk. You don’t have to be drunk as a way for the alcohol to influence your driving skills; even a small amount can impact your abilities. Ask one of your reliable friends to remain sober and not to drink, therefore he or she is going to be the sober driver that will take you back home. If all of your friends don’t want to take the "burden" of not drinking, call a cab, just never make the mistake of driving drunk. Almost all of the accidents are caused by driving drunk. Stay safe, it is your 21st birthday party and you just came to have fun and then return back home safely.

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