Many of us just do not know how to throw a birthday party with out totally wasting lots of money on the party supplies. Birthdays aren’t made for you to waste all the money. Of course, money can boost the party but it isn't that necessary. Birthday parties are made for people to celebrate along with their best freinds and family. It is possible to throw an awesome birthday party and no one will have to find out that you really wasted almost no money. This is the way:

The usual option is always to throw the party in your own home or even in your buddy's house, most of the parties are generally thrown in houses and it'll cost you nothing since it is your house. Another choice is to throw the party on public venues that doesn't cost hardly any money like on the park or simply on the beach. One more way will require you some time, if you still want to have your party in the nightclub, bar or any other location, start asking your friends if they have a friend with connection to a club or possibly a nightclub supervisors and if they can cut a deal with you.

21st birthday Decorations can be made easily by using a small amount of money.Instead of purchasing posters, 21st birthday balloons or banners, make them all your self! Purchase simple balloons, large sized papers together with strings ,then decorate them all by yourself. Write "happy birthday" and also hilarious quotes on the paper to really make it a poster, write "21st birthday" on the balloons and add more decorating stuff that you think can look great.

Drinks and food
You do not have to buy the top food in the market; just a few snacks and drinks will probably be enough. Take a few bowls and glasses from the kitchen and fill all of them with some snacks as well as simple drinks that you have in your house or perhaps you bought at low cost.

Alcoholic drinks will probably be maybe the single thing that you will have to invest cash on. Simply because drinks are not so cheap, you may either find a deal on the local alcohol store or possibly get a few drinks and then blend them with non alcoholic drinks to make drinks. This way at the party you'll have more drinks to serve.

The cake doesn't have to be expensive also, you can buy a basic cake, enhance it a little bit, put candles and here you've got a great 21st birthday cake that costs much less than it looks.

Do not try to do everything on your own, ask your friends and family to assist you with funds; they'll help you without a doubt if they're real close friends. Happy 21st birthday!

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